Monday, April 26, 2010

The Graduate

steven is now officially a college graduate.!!! but now on to studying for his CPA exam..! when will the studying STOOOP..!? we're not sure.. but it seems like never. his first test is at the end of may and his last test is at the end of september.. although it does seem like it will never end we know it will definitely pay off.. we are so excited (slash nervous) for our new lives in the real world.! no more college classes or worthless after school jobs... we're in career mode now..!

Friday, April 16, 2010

First Post

this is our first post. :) so just a little update on our little life. steve took his first final today and is graduating in exactly ONE WEEK from today.! he's pretty excited about all that..! i'm just working my life away at mark anthony salon and day spa and LOVING it.!!

our newest plan in life is to get our summer bodies on.! soooooo we're doing the beach body fitness plans.!! steve is doing P90X and i'm doing Fit in 6..! our goal is to be bikini ready by MEXICOOOOO..! which will be july 15..!! so we'll keep ya posted.!:)